The Electric Circuit

The Electric Circuit is Quebec’s largest public charging network for electric vehicles.


July 21, 2016

The charging stations of l’Espace K of ExpoCité site in Quebec will be out of service from August 9th 2016 until March 31st 2017 due to public works.


How the Electric Circuit deploys it fast-charge stations?

Not being an owner of lands, the Electric Circuit must work with partners (businesses, municipalities, institutions, etc.) to install fast-charge stations (DCFC). That is why we are always looking for partners in the areas that there is still not DCFC's. You know an interested partner? Guide him to us.

Currently, one DCFC per site is installed to cover the maximum of territory as possible before densify existing sites. The most requested sites could possibly receive a second DCFC. For current and future DCFC locations click here.  


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Electric Circuit mobile application

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  • Keep track of charging progress.
  • Receive notifications by e-mail.
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Financial partners

Nissan Canada

Thanks to financial support from Nissan, 25 fast-charge stations will be add to the Electric Circuit by the end of 2015 and 2016.

The Electric Circuit is...
(Statistics as of August 31st 2016)

  • 725 charging stations

    including 52 fast-charge stations.

  • 9,581 members

    with access to our charging stations

  • 11,619 electric vehicles

    (as August 31st)

    including 5,195 all-electric vehicles

  • 154 partners

    offering charging

  • 64 182 charges

    in 2016

  • 1 198 tons

    of avoided CO2 emissions

  • 7 209 178 km 

    covered until now by our members

  • 499 097 liters

    of gas saved